February 6, 2014

Going to Take the Winter off

Spain Travel Information and Hotel DiscountsIt was merely happenstance. I needed a girlfriend or I wanted a girlfriend. The old one dumped, although the blame was entirely my own. At least she says that I was looking at other girls, which I probably was being that I am a man. That caused her to fly into a rage. Apparently one of her friends was quite happy to see this it seemed. A few days later she ran into me, at the place where you would run into me easily, the school library. She asked me what I thought about holidays in spain, which is something I had not really thought too much about. [read more...]

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October 16, 2013

Started Planning Our Next Vacation

Of course we have a general idea of what we are going to do, but specific agreement is a long way off at this point. It appears that we might go to Paros in the Cyclades Islands, because that is a good compromise. Ann Marie will do her yoga in greece and I will get to do some scuba diving. Of course the two of us will have to decide whether or not there will be more to it. If we go to Greece and the Greek Isles it will probably be for around three weeks or maybe even a month. We have no one holding us back and we have saved up enough money for traveling. It is just a matter of deciding how to go about it. Of course we are thinking about all of the variables and how it is going to be done.

It is going to cost us a fair amount of money, that much is obvious. However it is not going to be anything luxurious. We figure that it is nice and warm there, but we should be able to make do by renting a little cottage and maybe a couple of Vespas, those little motor scooters that you see. We will not be renting a villa or anything like that, although we think that if we look around we might be able to do pretty well for ourselves. It is not going to be terribly easy for us to strike the perfect balance, but we figure that we can just figure it out as carefully as we are able. We had thought about finding a couple of other couples to split expenses with us and maybe rent one of those villas. It is pretty surprising what you can get if you have enough people to divide the cost.

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February 8, 2014

We Chose One of the Sicily Tours As Our Vacation Option

We had been wanting to travel abroad, but we had not idea where we wanted to go first. We had made a commitment to visit other countries we have always wanted to see after the kids were out of the theme park and national monument phase. We decided as a family to look into sicily tours as an option for our next vacation. My wife’s parents are from Sicily, and we wanted the children to know more about the land of their heritage. I also wanted to know more myself. My ancestors are from Ireland. It is going on our schedule for another family vacation.

I could hardly wait to go on our vacation to Sicily.

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January 14, 2014

A New Lease on the Job

Travelling is something that I haven’t been able to do much due to the amount of work that has been flooding into our place – after three years of being open that saw us hitting the ground running with no end of sight, I’m tired. So tired. I’ve been at this day and night helping my friends start their business up as smoothly as possible but now is the time that I take a little time for myself. I’ve been checking out this pretoria guest house as my destination of choice, I think! I’ve never been to Pretoria before and it is plenty far away from Cincinnati, which is pretty much all that I want out of a vacation spot right now.

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December 11, 2013

The Friendly Northern Canadian Neighbors

limo service in toronto our services at toronto limousine services we ...For my neice’s birthday, I wanted to give her something special. I had learned that she has been wanting to visit Canada for quite some time and having found a fantastic deal on tickets, I felt that would be one of the best presents that she could have. It is important for us to travel so we might gain experience of the world and the people that we share it with. Not everyone gets this opportunity. I had decided on Toronto and would have a toronto limo service pick us up from the airport as well as take us around town throughout the week that we would be spending here. I had everything planned for her; where we would go, what we would see, what shows were presently in town and more. Toronto was just the first stop for our Canadian tour – it would have been unfair of me to leave B.C and Vancouver out of the tour!

You would not believe her surprise and joy when she found out that she was going to be able to fulfill one of her dreams.

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November 30, 2013

Best Classes in Greece for Intermediate Yoga

DennyTaleng Custodio | FacebookMy wife and I are going to fulfill a long time dream to take a long vacation in the country of Greece. We have both managed to take off 3 weeks of vacation time at the same time, which is kind of a small miracle, in my opinion. It is really hard for me to get time off, and a lot of strings had to be pulled to get this done. Anyway, I want to start to look into yoga in greece, because I thought that our trip to Greece would be the perfect chance for us to take some yoga classes together, and get a little bit more advanced in our knowledge of Yoga.

My wife and I have done yoga together for over 5 years now, and we try to learn new poses from time to time, but I would not say that our level of skill in the subject, is much more than intermediate, maybe, and that might be a bit generous. It is not like we are bad at it by any means, but we don’t really have a lot of time to incorporate new things. As such, we generally stick to similar routines, and throw in a little variation from time to time.

I think it would be nice for us to try to take several classes while we are here, as we will have a lot of free time. As such, I am going to try to find the best places to take intermediate classes in Yoga in Greece. I hope that I can find something that will be close to one of the hotels we are going to be staying at. We are going to be staying at three different hotels, in different parts of the country, to try to experience as much as possible.

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November 18, 2013

Drive Around the Town in a Limousine

One day I was playing chess with one of my friends at the park, and he was talking about how his granddaughter took him on a limousine ride one day. He felt that it was a great experience, and he said that you haven’t lived until you’ve taken a ride in a limousine. He gave me the website for bwi car service, the company who supplied the limousine, and told me to check them out, because I wouldn’t regret it.

I took his advice and went to the BWI website and rented a limousine for a two hour drive on Sunday.

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December 28, 2012

The Different Types of Alaska Cruises

There are more Alaska cruises available now than there has been in a long time. There are still the big ships that take a huge number of passengers through the deeper waters. However, they do not make many stops, and they cannot cruise up the more shallow waterways to get into the interior of Alaska. So, even though there are more of the big ships cruising Alaska, there are also a lot more of the smaller ships cruising up into areas of Alaska one would never see on one of the big ships.

Do not think the smaller ships are too small. It is a difference between a big ship that can have over a thousand passengers as compared to a smaller ship that comfortably accommodates a couple of hundred passengers or less.

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December 25, 2012

Toulouse Airport Car Hire in France for Cheap

The Ultimate Benefits of Holiday Car Rental – Car Rental TipsI will need to hire a car in the near future, as I am going on a trip to France with my wife. It should be a very relaxing stay, and I am quite looking forward to it. Anyway, I am going to need to find cheap car hire at toulouse airport in France. I have never been to the Toulouse Airport before, but it was pretty close to our final destination in the French Riviera, and that is why I picked to fly to that part of France. Anyway, I also got a pretty good rate on the airfare, and that went into the equation as well.

Right now, I am just worried about making sure that I will be able to find a car to hire for the duration of my vacation in France.

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December 10, 2012

Finding out About Latvia and Europe Tours

free white christmas wallpaper free free white christmas wallpaper ...Finding the perfect honeymoon for my soon to be wife and I has proven to be easier than I thought it was going to be. We are two different people that do not share the same idea of what the perfect travel destination is. She was hoping for one thing while I wanted another. A friend of mine suggested that I look into the different europe tours that are available. He told me about the trip that he had taken his wife on last year and how great it was for both of them.

He told me about the time that they had spent in Latvia and how there was something that they both enjoyed there. I was unsure about how it would go for my fiancé and I, so I went online looking for some information about the area and what there is to do there. I found out quite a bit from the websites that I had found and was convinced that it was likely the best place for us to go.

She would get to see the waterfronts that she loves and I would get to explore the great outdoors like I like.

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August 22, 2012

Traveling by Train in Lativia

Chhatrapati Shivaji TerminusWhen I was thinking about the different ways to get from Mumbai to Goa, I didn’t realize I had so many choices. I knew that I could rent a car and drive it myself, but I was not looking forward to that at all. I didn’t know the area, and I knew it would take me a couple of days to do that. I would much rather enjoy the scenery too, instead of having to focus just on the road right in front of me.

I next considered booking a flight, but I didn’t really want to do that either. It would definitely be the quickest way, but I would miss so much. I wanted to be able to look at the tiny towns and interact with some of the people. Taking a flight would mean that it would not be possible. This left me with two other ways. I could either take a bus, or I could take a train.

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August 20, 2012

The Beauty of Europe in the Mykonos Villa and Latvia

I’ve been wanting to take a vacation in Europe for a while, but it has never been the right time. There has always been some obstacle, such as not having enough money, not having a passport, or not being able to use my vacation time from work. Now, finally every condition is right and I’m ready to take my vacation, except I have one last obstacle: I have no idea where to go in Europe.

I have heard from a few friends who have been to Europe that some good places to go were the Mykonos villa and Latvia. Since I had never seen much information about either location, I decided to check them out online.

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August 14, 2012

Just Sold Some of My Photos to a Travel Web Site

Last summer I went on an extended business trip to the Baltic countries where the corporation is planning a series of new operations. My job was pretty low level and boring. Mostly I was just helping out some of my superiors, doing the advance work to plan for their trips and hiring people with local expertise to help out. It was really a very easy task with a lot of free time and I spent much of it photographing the local sights. A friend of mine showed my photos to a British travel photography web site. I was not really that interested when they sent me an email, because I suspected that it was some sort of scam.

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July 19, 2012

We Used Touring Bicycles on Vacation

to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the pan american highwayWe had originally planned to hire a driver when we were vacationing far away from home. That did not work out as planned. We then tried to hail a taxi. It was easy to get a taxi from the hotel to where we were going, but it was much more difficult to get a taxi back from places. While we were waiting for our ride to show up at a restaurant, I noticed a place that sold touring bicycles. I put two brand new touring bicycles on our credit card. My wife thought it was frivolous at first. However, before we left she told me she wished we could take the bikes on the plane! When we did leave we gave the bicycles away to poor families in a village nearby to where we were staying.

I was smart enough to make sure we both got comfortable riding seats on our bicycles. The tiny wedge shaped ones for more professional riders did not look comfortable at all. Our seats were wider and had springs.

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July 18, 2012

I Am Moving Back Home

I am going to be moving back home to live with my parents for awhile in the next week or so, and I will need to get some sort of mail forwarding service before I move out. That way, I will be sure that I can keep receiving my mail even though I am going to be switching physical locations in the near future. I am hoping that it will not be too hard to get a service set up to forward my mail to my parent’s house. I really wish that I did not have to move back home, but I can’t find a job here, and I don’t think that I really have much other choice about the matter.

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